4 Easy Steps to Install Our Parking Kiosks

Managing and keeping track of the transactions in a car park can be extremely challenging without the right parking payment terminal. No matter how experienced staff you employ to take care of the transaction process in your car park, the chances of error will never vanish as humans are to err. On the other hand, automating the parking transaction process via installing a parking kiosk can make the process error-free and efficient. Motorists will never require waiting for their turn to get a parking ticket from the staff at a car park. Therefore, making the entire process time-efficient and convenient.

OMNE Technology has come forward to reduce car park owners’ stress when it comes down to managing the transaction process in their parking lots. We have developed two highly advanced parking payment terminals that can be installed in all kinds of parking garages regardless of their sizes and parking capacity. Moreover, in this piece of writing, we will cover the entire steps involved in installing our parking kiosks. So, let’s get started without further ado!


Place an Order

As soon as we receive an order for a parking kiosk, the installation process begins. Depending on the parking size and traffic flow, parking space owners determine what kind of parking payment terminal they require to manage payment transactions in their parking garages. At present, OMNE Technology has two types of parking payment terminals; Smart Pay Kiosk & Mini Smart Pay Kiosk. Both kiosks boast the same features and are capable enough to handle unlimited transactions without showing any glitches. However, if someone with a car park is looking for a compatible parking kiosk, we will recommend the person get our Mini Smart Pay Kiosk. This payment machine is specifically designed to manage parking transactions at smaller parking lots.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a parking payment terminal for a huge size car park, you should get Smart Pay Kiosk. This kiosk can easily take care of parking transactions in your car park with insane accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, we will provide you with everything you want to know about our kiosks and how they work. So, you can expect to have full information at the time you contact us to order a parking kiosk.



No matter what products or services you get, the preparation of an agreement is one of the most indispensable parts of the process. Therefore, we take it seriously and meticulously prepare the agreement before installing our kiosk in a parking lot. Depending on the needs & requirements of a car park owner, we provide a parking payment machine along with an agreement mentioning all the vital elements and terms & conditions. Many buyers preassume a lot of things while buying a product; for example, the item comes with an unreasonable number of years of warranty, the buyers won’t have to pay for maintenance, etc.

Keep in mind that a company can provide you with a warranty for a reasonable period. Additionally, maintenance of the machine may require you to pay a reasonable amount. Therefore, it’s crucial for all parking lot owners to take a detailed look at the agreement while buying a parking payment terminal. However, OMNE Technology offers impeccable parking payment kiosks along with an agreement that supports the fulfilment of the needs of the buyers.


Kiosk Installation

We pay extra attention while packing our kiosks because we know anything can happen while relocating these machines. The roads are always busy in the UK, and even a single mistake may lead to damaging our parking payment machines. So, we are very careful when it comes to packing and delivering our parking payment terminals to our client’s site. Nevertheless, we send a team of well-qualified, experienced, and skilled engineers to install the machine in your parking lot meticulously. The professionals we send will understand your needs and carefully survey your car park to suggest where the machine should be installed to offer motorists the utmost convenience.

Despite the security of the parking machine, you will also want to ensure that motorists can easily access it in order to make a payment. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand the most appropriate location in your parking lot to install the parking kiosk. You can decide on your own; otherwise, we can help you determine the same. Once the site of installation is picked, our team of engineers will meticulously install the kiosk in your parking lot without causing damage to it.


Remarkable Support

Our work doesn’t finish with the installation process; we are always available for our clients to provide them with the best possible assistance in case they face any issues operating our parking payment terminal. Our parking payment machines are meticulously designed and carefully tested so that our clients never face any problems with them. However, machines can start malfunctioning at any time; therefore, we have placed a team of dedicated and enthusiastic engineers who are quick to take action and resolve the issues. So, if our parking kiosk shows problems or glitches, you can expect immediate and practical support from OMNE Technology. Being a leading parking kiosk manufacturer and supplier in the United Kingdom, we provide our customers with top-quality support.

Nevertheless, there are specific issues that parking owners need to cope with on their own, such as damage to the kiosk. Although our parking payment machines are utterly vandalism-proof, taking care of them is vital to prevent them from being damaged. Our kiosks are weatherproof too, but you should remember that the cost of repairing external damage will be on your plate. However, for any kind of technical support or fixing other issues with our kiosks, OMNE Technology is always available to provide result-oriented support and help.


Get in Touch with OMNE Technology

Carefulness is necessary when it comes down to installing a parking kiosk in a parking lot, and we take it seriously. However, if you consider other aspects of our parking payment terminals, you will appreciate our effort. Our highly durable kiosks boast advanced technology to provide the parkers with a remarkable transaction experience. OMNE kiosks include a touchscreen display and multiple payment options so motorists can have the utmost convenience. So, no matter how huge or small a parking lot you own, if you are looking for a top-class parking payment machine, consider giving a call to OMNE Technology. We will deliver our kiosk to your parking lot in no time. Kindly call us on 0121 318 8833


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Finding the right parking kiosk manufacturer can be daunting, especially when you don’t know much about the industry. However, you don’t need to worry because OMNE Technology is here for you to provide the best quality parking payment machines at the most reasonable costs. We are a leading parking kiosk manufacturer in Birmingham, renowned for providing high-end parking payment solutions. So, no matter how big or small a car park you own, you can expect to receive the best payment solution from us. Our machines are suitable to install in outdoor as well as indoor car parks. So, be free to give us a call on 0121 318 8833 or mail us at info@omnetechnology.com.