Technology Integration

We have designed our kiosks by taking care of a multitude of factors into consideration in order to ensure that they shall fulfil everyone’s needs and requirements. Our products are already pretty advanced and capable enough to meet the needs of the modern time. However, they leave a scope to integrate various technology that makes them even more futuristic. The following are the technology that can be combined with our parking kiosks:

ANPR System

Our kiosks can be integrated with an ANPR system and help car park owners to manage their lots with ease. It will keep you free to focus on your business goals by monitoring thousands of images automatically at a time. Nonetheless, the software that we have developed is ideal for serving a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, transport, education, retail, and leisure.

The ANPR system offers a wide range of advantages, such as efficient management of large complex or busy parking sites, processing millions of ANPR events, providing necessary data, and more. ANPR integration allows you to review the technical performance of your parking space and even enables automated processing, such as access control & payment systems.


ZatPark is cloud-based parking management software specifically developed to manage the entire parking enforcement lifecycle. It offers remarkable integration to ANPR installation, cashless payment services, and terminals responsible for parking authorisation. In a nutshell, this software is a one-stop solution for managing everything associated with a car park and innovative parking management systems.

Omne Technology’s kiosks allow you to integrate them with ZatPark in order to experience a seamless parking management cycle. Our systems work with the ANPR system & ZatPark to help you efficiently manage, process, and set charges for motorists who visit your parking space.

Remember, the best way to get rid of problems is by being able to identify them before they turn into catastrophes. Hence, we provide car park owners with high-end parking payment machines integrated with advanced but user-friendly technology & multiple integration options, including ZatPark.

Barrier System

With our parking kiosks, you will not have to worry about managing who comes and leaves your parking space. The ANPR system will automatically identify the vehicles that have paid their parking tickets and will open the way for them. This means that Omne Technology’s parking kiosks can be integrated with a barrier system in order to ensure no motorist leaves the area without paying their parking fees.

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