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Established in the year 2021, Omne Technology is a technology integration company located in the heart of Birmingham. The firm is dedicated to serving the parking industry and motorists by providing elegant & innovative parking solutions. We are a team of enthusiastic connoisseurs, inquisitive about offering straight-forward & intuitive touch screen payment terminals integrated with our customised software.

We are looking forward to introducing our all-in-one payment terminals to the United Kingdom, Europe, and other parts of the world, and at the same time, setting the trend for taking parking payments to an online platform.

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We Are the Leading UK Kiosk Manufacturers

One of the leading UK kiosk manufacturers, Omne Technology is renowned for providing its customers with successful self-service kiosks integrated with advanced technology and processes. To be able to adapt our services to the various needs of many different industries, offerings are scalable, and customisation is tailored to meet individual goals and objectives for a seamless handoff from one level of interaction to the next. Whatever your industry needs or plans are, Omne Technology can help you achieve them through self-service kiosks.

We have teams of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced engineers, developers, and other professionals who strive to produce products that meet everyone’s needs. So far, we have developed two parking kiosks to help the parking industry streamline transaction processes at the parking spaces. Nevertheless, we can customise our software in order to make our kiosks compatible for fulfilling your industry-specific needs. So, when it comes down to reaching out to UK kiosk manufacturers, consider contacting none other than Omne Technology.

Mini Pay kiosk machine

Mini Pay Kiosk


We design to serve the parking industry and motorists with sleek and innovative solutions. Providing an intuitive touchscreen with our customised software,  integrated with our all-in-one payment terminal.

Smart Pay Kiosk Machine

Smart Pay Kiosk


Our kiosks are highly durable, efficient, and can easily handle harsh weather conditions; they are perfect to be installed in any outdoor parking space regardless of their size or daily traffic.

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