Kiosks for Parking Sector

Motorists detest waiting in a long queue to pay their parking fees, they require a solution that streamlines their payment experience in a parking space, and that’s where parking kiosks come into play. These payment terminals offer an array of payment options with the utmost security so that car owners can have a convenient transaction experience.

Parking Kiosk

Benefits of Omne Kiosks

No more hassle while making a payment in a parking lot; our parking payment terminals provide motorists with an exceptional & smooth transaction experience. They prevent vandalism and are entirely secure for carrying out transactions. Our kiosks can handle unlimited transactions in a day without showing any glitches, and they promote cashless payment.


Solar Integration

Solar Integration

Parking kiosks need to be plugged in all the time in order to process interruption-free transactions, but this is not the case with our payment terminals. They can utilise solar energy and run without the need for plugged power.


ANPR Integration

Omne’s parking Kiosks are integrated with ANPR technology that eradicates the need for human intervention. Therefore, you will not have to do anything manually; the system can automatically identify who paid the parking fee.

user interface

Straightforward UI

Our kiosks include multiple user interfaces and have the ability to customise tariff plans based on your requirements. All UIs are straightforward and intuitive, making it easy for car owners to operate our kiosks and make payments.

Barrier System

Barrier System

Our kiosks also allow parking space owners to install a barrier system in their car parks to ensure no motorist leaves without paying the parking fee. You won’t even have to employ anyone; the integrated ANPR system will take care of it.

Why Choose Omne Technology’s Kiosks

We understand different parking lots have different requirements. Therefore, it’s indispensable to manufacture a parking kiosk that can meet everyone’s needs, and that’s what we have done. Our kiosks are technologically advanced and can be installed in all parking spaces regardless of size.

parking kiosk

Our kiosks come with ZatPark software integration


Our kiosks are IP65 rated (unaffected from adverse weather conditions) 


Our parking payment machines offer a frictionless experience


They come with a shock alarm and email notification feature

iso kiosk

Our kiosks are ISO certified and bear CE marking

kiosk reports

You can see real-time business report via our parking kiosks

Client Testimonials

I bought Smart Pay Kiosk from Omne Technology, and I’m really amazed to see how flawlessly the system works. It also has a hidden lock feature along with so many useful tools. I haven’t experienced any issues with the parking payment machine yet. So, I would recommend other parking owners to get and install it in their car parks.

Client Testimonials

I must tell you that Omne’s parking kiosk has considerably improved the payment experience of our customers, thanks to its simple interface and multiple payment options. I have started to get more visitors to my car park. It also has a remote monitoring feature that allows me to keep track of my parking space easily. You guys have done a really great job!