Kiosk for Retail Sector

The retail sector can’t be imagined without a crowd; a lot of people visit businesses in this industry on a daily basis, leading to causing unmanageable parking transactions. Omne Technology’s parking kiosks can help you streamline the transaction experience of the motorists visiting your parking lot. Our kiosks include advanced tech & stupendous software to provide the best performance.

Retail Kiosk

How Omne Retail Kiosks are Beneficial for the Retail Sector

Customers always look for more convenience and a better experience. So, when they don’t face any problems while parking their vehicle in a parking lot outside your retail store, they will more likely revisit you. Our kiosks include a user-friendly UI along with multiple payment options so that car owners won’t face any difficulties while making a payment for parking their vehicles.

Vandalism safe kiosk

No Need to Worry About Vandalism

Omne Technology has gone a step ahead in making the parking kiosks vandal-proof. We provide retail business owners with peace of mind by ensuring that our kiosks can’t be vandalised. Therefore, you can entirely focus on your primary business without worrying about the transactions in your car park.

Secure Transactions for kiosk

Secure Transactions

No matter how many customers visit your retail shop on a daily basis, our parking kiosks will provide them with a completely secure payment experience. We have manufactured our kiosks meticulously and installed top-class software to leave no scope for an error. So, you will never receive a complaint.

save time featured kiosk

Save Your Customers’ Time

With Omne retail kiosks, your customers will never face any kind of issues as the machines work flawlessly and have a simple & intuitive UI. This means that even a non-technical person can use our parking kiosks with ease. Our products are meant to make parking spaces more efficient and smooth.

More Business

More Business

Uninterrupted parking payments will lead to creating a streamlined parking experience. So, your parking lot will not be congested, leading to attracting more potential customers to visit your retail business and buy your products or services. So, ultimately our kiosks can help you have the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Our Retail Kiosks

We at Omne Technology understand what problems people in the retail industry face when managing parking spaces. We provide parking payment machines curated to meet the requirements of the retail sector. Our parking payment terminals offer a wide range of useful features to process transactions easily, track details, set tariff plans, and more.

Kiosks for Retail Sector
Vandal-free-touch-screen-display kiosk

Vandal-free touch screen display

Remote-monitoring featured kiosk

Remote monitoring feature

Solar installation in kiosk

Solar installation

Notification alert kiosk featu

Shock alarm & email notification

ANPR integrated kiosk

ANPR technology integration

Barrier-system-integration kiosk

Barrier system integration

Client Testimonials

You guys have done really a great job! Fantastically manufactured kiosks and the software in the devices is fantastic. The kiosks have so many features and tools for parking owners to make adjustments in them depending on requirements. I can easily track my entire parking space remotely; I would definitely give credit to Omne kiosk for ameliorating my overall retail business & parking revenues.

Client Testimonials

One of the best things about Omne kiosks is that they don’t allow people to use coins to make a payment to pay the parking fee. Cashless transactions are easily manageable and trackable. They are waterproof too, which is another plus point for me. The body of the kiosk feels robust, and in terms of functionality, I’m delighted. Definitely recommend other retail business owners to get Omne’s Kiosks.

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