Smart Pay Kiosk with Printer

Smart Pay Kiosk with Printer is an excellent upgrade to our standard payment machines. It incorporates many user interfaces for easy operations and API integration. Our kiosks are the most suitable payment terminals for convenient transactions in car parks, as you can print your receipt on the spot. It efficiently fulfils the requirements of a parking space and gives motorists a convenient experience at the same time. The kiosk is high-end, as we have installed selective hardware and software for excellent performance.

Smart pay kiosk

We have manufactured this kiosk considering the necessity of printed receipts for our customers. It is a compatible parking kiosk that can easily accommodate different car parks. However, all our kiosks are in no way inferior to each other. Still, this kiosk, along with other features, includes a touchscreen panel, ANPR integration, a straightforward UI, a remote monitoring feature, and a waterproof IP65-rated enclosure. It even comes with a bonus benefit of printing. It has everything you & your customers need to manage & make transactions easy and quick, respectively.

Why Smart Pay Kiosk?

ANPR Integration

Frictionless experience

Frictionless Experience

increase profitability

Increase Profitability

Reduced Vandalism

Reduced Vendalism

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Solar Installation

Solar Installation

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Weatherproof IP65

Weatherproof IP65

Technical Specifications for Smart Pay Kiosk With Printer

Touch screen

10” Integrated  Touch

Commercial Grade

3 years warranty

In House software

Front/Back end software design

Parking UI Design

API Software integration

Remote Tariff adjustment

Real-time report Business/ Client


3 pin locking mechanism

Hidden locks

Anti-Vandal screen

Smart pay kiosk

Fitting / Back Office Management


Free standing

Floor bolts

Electrics/ Solar Power

SMPS industrial assembly


Secure power connection

4G Modem

Industrial PC

Windows 10 OS

Heat Sink engineering

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