About Us

Established in the year 2021, Omne Technology is a technology integration company located in the heart of Birmingham. The firm is dedicated to serving the parking industry and motorists by providing elegant & innovative parking Kiosks. We are a team of enthusiastic connoisseurs, inquisitive about offering straightforward & intuitive touch screen payment terminals integrated with our customized software. We are looking forward to introducing our all-in-one payment terminals to the United Kingdom, Europe, and other parts of the world, and at the same time, setting the trend for taking parking payments to an online platform.

Omne Technology is one of the most renowned and leading kiosk manufacturers in the United Kingdom that can provide you with highly efficient, advanced, and robust parking payment machines without making a hole in your pocket. We allow our kiosks to undergo a strict durability test in order to ensure that they are robust and will last forever. We believe in customer satisfaction, and for the most part, we leave no stone unturned for our kiosk manufacturers in such a way that they offer parking operators as well as motorists the utmost satisfaction.

We understand how crucial the role technology plays in an organisation for building it, and if it doesn’t incorporate the right tools and tech, a drastic impact can be seen. Therefore, being a leading technology integration company in the United Kingdom, Omne Technology has come forward to assist the parking industry and other sectors with its spectacular kiosks. We have incorporated the most suited software in our kiosks to facilitate the entire transactions and other necessary processes with ease. So, if you own a parking space and need advanced kiosks for it, consider installing Omne Technology’s kiosks. We are the best kiosk manufacturers.

Our Mission

We strive to provide motorists with the utmost security and convenience for making smooth transactions in parking lots and other spaces where they need to leave their vehicles for a certain period. We understand how critical it’s for parking owners to manage their parking spaces during rush hours as traditional parking payment methods are not capable enough to provide users with an efficient transaction experience. In this fast-paced world, everyone requires super-fast, straightforward, and reliable parking solutions; that’s where Omne Technology comes into the scene!

We have developed an automated parking payment system that will provide your visitors with a seamless transaction experience. Our parking kiosks are utterly automated and promote cashless transactions. Being technical enthusiasts, we aim to integrate our parking kiosks into all parking spaces in the United Kingdom and across the world. In addition to saving the precious time of motorists while getting a parking ticket, our focus is to mitigate the burden of parking owners too, while collecting parking fees! 

Omne Technology focuses on eliminating the poor activities that have been taking place for centuries in parking spaces, such as vandalism, overcrowding while obtaining a parking ticket, and so forth! Our mission is to integrate the parking lots with our highly advanced parking kiosks that are straightforward and intuitive to operate. You won’t even have to get flustered thinking about vandalism with our products; they are robust and meticulously designed to deter such activities.

Our Vision

Whether you are a motorist or car park operator, you will never want to compromise with security, convenience, and efficiency when it comes to parking operations. However, managing a parking lot is not a piece of cake as a multitude of transactions take place on a daily basis. No need to get flustered! Keeping all the necessary factors in mind, Omne Technology has come forward with a vision to revolutionize the parking industry in the UK. We want to make all the parking spaces absolutely automated and 24/7 functional without the necessity for staffing.

Being an industry leader in creative design & parking kiosk manufacturers, the holy grail that Omne Technology wants to carry off is to offer cost-effective, efficient, and straightforward customer experience solutions for the parking industry! We believe that with the right technology integration, the efficiency of any parking space can be taken to the next level, and our parking kiosks will do the same thing for you!

We have two different uniquely designed parking kiosks to meet the requirements of all parking spaces regardless of their sizes. For big parking lots, we have Smart Pay Kiosk, and for small-sized parking spaces, our Mini Smart Pay Kiosk is ideal for motorists to obtain e-parking tickets with ease! Our parking kiosks are designed to handle unlimited daily transactions, so no matter how much traffic your parking lot gets in a day, your transactions will go uninterrupted. Omne Technology has the vision to increase the revenues from parking spaces by making seamless payment options available for motorists in parking lots, and we are bending over backwards to carry off it.