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Ronica Kaur

Ronica Kaur

Chief Operating Officer

Who We Are

Omne Technology is a leading kiosk supplier in the United Kingdom dedicated to offering technology integration solutions to improve the lives of others. We are passionate about helping people and making their day-to-day activities, such as making payments as parking spaces simpler and easier with our quality, one-of-a-kind speciality kiosks. From our understated devices to our reliable kiosk software, we ensure that everyone who interacts with our kiosks gets the services they can expect from a top-level company. We don’t just pride ourselves on having quality products, though; we put just as much effort into the quality of every transaction beneath our logo. To ensure this level of quality, we support all bold and brilliant decisions made by our teams at Omne Technology.

We understand how needs and requirements vary from industry to industry; therefore, our team has developed software that offers a wide range of features and integration options. You can integrate a barrier system along with ANPR technology and solar panel with our parking kiosks. They also include ZatPark software to easily maintain the entire parking space and transactions that take place in it. And that’s what makes us one of the best kiosk supplier in the UK.

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At OMNE Technology, we enable career success by providing opportunities to thrive. We foster an inclusive workforce and embrace a shared set of core values based on character, competitive spirit, relationships, and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

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