All You Need to Know About Parking Machines

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Managing a parking space without the proper parking system is almost impossible, especially when your parking lot has a lot of visitors. Gone are the days when there were only a few cars on the road, and people would not mind standing in a long queue to obtain a parking ticket. Now, roads are busy, and motorists don’t want to experience any kind of inconvenience while leaving their vehicles in a parking space. Therefore, it has become necessary for parking owners to streamline their car parks so that customers will not mind revisiting their spaces. And that’s where smart parking solutions and systems come into the scene.

Moreover, in this piece of writing, we will learn about parking systems and how they are helping us to revolutionise the parking industry. So, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase!

Parking Payment Solutions

Making a payment for parking a car can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you visit a parking lot where most of the spaces are already occupied. Nonetheless, things might be worse when you find that the parking space is relatively rigid about payment and does not offer a lot of payment options. So, being a parking owner, you must ensure that the motorist visiting your car park will not have any problem while paying for the parking fee. You should provide them with a wide range of payment methods so that if they don’t have cash, they can use their cards or even the payment apps.

Keep in mind that no car owners want to spend a lot of time in a parking lot in order to make a payment for parking their vehicles. And if they have to do, the chances are high that they won’t revisit your parking space. The prominent motive of offering multiple payment options to motorists is to ensure their convenience and save time. It can accelerate your parking business and increase revenues. Let’s learn about some of the parking payment solutions that we have now.

Pay & Display Machines

Pay & display machines allow car owners to pay a parking fee after parking their car in a parking space. However, certain things are there that users need to follow while using these machines. Pay & display machines ask users to obtain a parking ticket and display it on their car’s dashboard so that the warden or the parking enforcement team can know that the vehicle obeys the parking rules. Keep in mind that if you obtain a slip after paying the parking fee through the pay and display machine, make sure you display it on your vehicle’s dashboard. Otherwise, a PCN might be generated on your name.

Nonetheless, you also have to take care of parking duration. If you exceed the time limit, you may still be liable to pay a PCN. So, try to avoid these mistakes when you use a pay and display machine in a car park to pay the parking fee.

ANPR Integrated Parking Payment Machines

There are some parking payment systems that come with ANPR software. ANPR is an automated number plate recognition technology that automatically detects a car’s number plate and keeps track of some crucial information, such as when the vehicle entered or exited the parking space, the total duration it stayed in the parking space, and more. ANPR integrated payment machines are pretty advanced and help automate almost the entire parking space. For example, Omne Technology’s kiosks are highly advanced yet straightforward. Additionally, these kiosks can be integrated with multiple systems, including ANPR, solar penal, barrier system, and more.

When a car owner enters a parking space, the ANPR system automatically detects and saves the car’s registration number in its system. When the motorists pay their fee via the ANPR integrated parking kiosk, the system again automatically recognises their vehicles at the exit and tracks their details. If the software finds the fees are paid, the car owners don’t receive a PCN.

Access Control

Now, we have learned how ANPR systems can be used to control parking space access. Access control systems are pretty effective in managing a parking facility; they give complete control to the parking management team to manage and track the access of a parking lot, which is excellent for security purposes as well as revenue generation. No one will be able to enter or exit your parking space without your permission if it includes an access control system, isn’t it great?

So, if you are a car park owner and want to secure your parking space completely, it’s high time you consider integrating an access control system in your parking lot. This will let you control your car park with ease.

Pay on Exit System

In this system, motorists have to pay at the time they enter the parking space and obtain the time stamp. Well, some parking spaces include pretty advanced and high-speed ticket machines. So the car owners who visit these car parks don’t have to wait for so long to make a payment for parking their vehicles. Some of these machines also offer multiple payment options for a better experience and more convenience.

While exiting the parking lot, the motorists have to scan the ticket so that the payment machine calculates the paid amount and time period for which the vehicle was left. The display then shows the due amount that the car owners have to pay, leading to opening the barrier gate arm. Now the vehicle owner may exit. However, most car park owners prefer having ANPR integrated parking payment machines so that they won’t have to employ people to take care of the process.

Omne Technology’s Parking Kiosks

We at Omne Technology strive to provide the car park industry with the most efficient and advanced technology to help them manage their parking spaces with ease. We have developed two parking payment terminals – Smart Pay Kiosk & Mini Smart Pay Kiosk. These machines include ANPR technology, ZatPark software, multiple UIs (straightforward & intuitive), and barrier systems. Our parking kiosks can also be integrated with solar penal to use them without the need for plugged power.

Nevertheless, our kiosks are weatherproof, and IP-65 rated, which means you can install them indoors as well as outdoors. They work flawlessly and show no glitches in any weather conditions. Therefore, if you require high-end parking payment machines to streamline your car park, it’s high time you give us a call. Omne Technology will take care of the entire installation process and ensure your customers & you never face problems.

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