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As a car park owner, customer satisfaction must be your top priority. Because of a traditional parking payment method, people may have to wait in long queues and get late for important events. It could cause a huge loss to your business as they might not revisit your car park. In this fast-paced world, people don’t prefer slow-functioning machines, so they expect advanced technology everywhere to make their lives easier. 

Switching to a cashless parking payment terminals can be really good for your business as it is easy to use, durable, and gives you a free pass from the hustle to keep track of the transaction.

There are different companies offering the installation of parking payment terminals. Still, OMNE Technology is the leading manufacturer & supplier of the best kiosks in the UK, with outstanding features to improve the efficiency of your car park.

Features of OMNE Kiosks

While buying a kiosk for your car park, there are so many things you should keep in mind, such as what your needs are, the availability of space in your car park, whether it is user-friendly or not, and so on. OMNE Kiosks are one such machine with the best features, and they come in different sizes to choose from, depending on your need.

Touchscreen Display

Button panels are outdated now because they are non-functional as compared to touchscreens. People have become used to using touchscreen devices in their day-to-day life. Therefore, they feel more convenient when they interact with touchscreen parking payment terminals. OMNE Kiosks have touchscreen panels that work smoothly because of the interactive UI that makes them fast and easy to use. The touchscreen display is sleek and highly sensitive that works wonders.

Cashless Payment Option

With the immense growth in technology, it is so easy to pay through your phone. People don’t want to carry cash as it has a higher risk of getting lost or stolen. With the cashless payment method, people can conveniently pay through their phones or cards. To buy a parking ticket from OMNE Kiosk, one doesn’t need to carry cash, people can easily purchase the tickets with a convenient cashless payment option.

Multiple Payment Options

Everything has the option to compete now as there are different brands with similar products, so it is essential to provide the best features to increase revenue. Fewer payment options in your car park might cause inconvenience to people, so they will likely find other parking lots. OMNE kiosk has multiple payment options that make it easier to serve the majority of users who wants to pay through different apps or cards depending on their needs. It is simple to use, and people can easily pay for their time in a car park. Also, it is easy for the motorist to pay if there is any due payment, as the data is already stored in the kiosk. 

Straightforward UI

With the development of technology, it gets complex for the layman to understand how to use the latest innovations. People need machines that are fast and efficient though uncomplicated, to use. OMNE Kiosks have a simple and interactive UI designed keeping in mind multiple ranges of users. Straightforward UI design makes these parking payment terminals user-friendly. They are designed in such a way that motorists, as well as the parking lot owners, can operate them without hassle. 

ANPR Integration

Most car parks witness a plethora of security breaches on a daily basis, including unauthorised parking, wrong parking, and theft. But with the new innovations, you can opt for advanced options available for your car park’s betterment. OMNE Kiosks integrate Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology. You can install ANPR cameras to secure your parking space & detect vehicles’ registration numbers automatically. The data of motorists will get stored in the kiosk as it is ANPR integrated. It can help you detect parking violators and issue PCNs against them, adding extra cash to your pocket.

Weatherproof (IP65-Rated)

It is hard to protect technology against weather events as they are unpredictable. OMNE Kiosk is IP65-rated which means it is secured from dust ingress and can handle jet sprays, thus safeguarding it against rain pour & snowfall. It also comes in two types, i.e., indoor and outdoor kiosks; therefore, you can install it based on your need. Both kiosks are equally efficient and weatherproof.


Destruction of belongings is inevitable, and it can happen to anyone, so one should invest in something that’s durable. OMNE Kiosks are durable against vandalism and can stand damage from heavy or sharp objects. These kiosks stay intact in bad weather and are indestructible by vandals.

Environment Friendly 

We as humans should look for ways to give back to the environment by taking small steps. Parking payment terminals are essential in a car park and, thus, can be integrated with renewable energy sources to save electricity. OMNE Kiosks can be combined with solar panels to operate them without plugged power. With such initiatives, you can contribute to a sustainable society and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Bottom Line

If you have a car park, then there is a chance that you might be facing difficulty in keeping a check on transaction history & managing all the transactions. No need to get flustered; we at OMNE Technology are here to help you easily manage payment transactions with our Kiosks. Your car park should be sustained to make a fantastic user experience for the motorist utilising your car park, and purchasing our kiosks can make that happen. 

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