Follow These Parking Tips to Avoid a Parking Penalty

parking penalty

Parking rules are necessary for keeping things in order in a parking lot. However, some car owners don’t take them seriously, which causes inconvenience for other motorists and also the car park management team. Therefore, car park owners need to take strict action to keep the parking lot efficiently functional and congestion-free. Generating a parking charge notice is an efficacious way to make motorists abide by the parking rules and regulations. Car owners don’t like paying a PCN, which is obvious. Everyone wants to save their hard-earned money. However, if you don’t follow the parking rules & regulations, you may have to pay a parking penalty. Don’t worry! We can help you do away with it. Read this entire piece of writing to be familiar with some helpful parking tips to avoid a parking charge notice.

Take a Look at Parking Signage

Parking signage is erected at the parking areas to help motorists park their vehicles easily. So, the first thing that you, as a car owner, should do while visiting a car park is to look at the parking signage. Remember, parking rules and charges may vary from car park to car park. So, watch the parking signage to understand the parking rules so that you will not receive a PCN.

Remember that parking signage also includes information, such as how much you will have to pay to park your car for a certain period in a car park. Avoiding the parking rules can cause inconvenience to you as well as other motorists and may lead to putting a burden on your pocket. So, be mindful of it.

Avoid Parking Penalty by Paying for Parking

Remember, no matter what car park you visit, you will have to pay a certain amount to obtain a parking ticket. It is necessary for every motorist. However, some car owners show cunning behaviour and don’t pay to park their cars in a parking lot as they have the intention to save their money. However, you should not forget that if you are caught, a PCN may be generated on your name with a penalty fee of up to £100.

A parking lot in the United Kingdom charges between £0.50 & £1 per hour for parking a car, or sometimes it could be £2. So, avoiding it is not a smart decision. These days most parking spaces include kiosks with multiple payment options, so you won’t have to make any effort to pay for parking your vehicle. You can do it via your phone sitting inside your car and keep yourself away from receiving a parking penalty.

Park the Right Way to Avoid Parking Penalty

Parking lots include lines & marks to help motorists park their cars in an organised way. Therefore, while parking your vehicle, make sure that both sets of wheels are within the lines, and your car must be within the bay. However, if your vehicle is too big to fit within the bay, you can buy two parking tickets and park across both bays. One of the prominent reasons why most car owners receive a PCN is they don’t park their vehicles the right way. Sometimes, they occupy more space than necessary; sometimes, they park at the disabled parking bay without a blue badge. If you take care of the parking rules and park your car appropriately, you will never have to pay a parking penalty.

Pay & Display

CCTV parking enforcement has become pretty common & indispensable for parking owners these days. They avoid employing more people in a parking lot and prefer monitoring the parking space remotely. So, it’s necessary for car owners to display the ticket on their dashboard after paying the parking fee so that the monitoring team can know if a motorist has already paid the fee for parking a car. Keep in mind that if you obtain a parking ticket after paying the fee and don’t display it on your vehicle’s dashboard, the CCTV monitoring team might think that the car has been parked without paying the parking fee, and they may generate a PCN for you. So, if you want to avoid a parking penalty, display the parking ticket after obtaining it.

Don’t Park at the Disabled Parking Bay

One common lousy practice that most car owners do while parking their vehicles is to park their cars at the disabled parking bay. Keep in mind that these parking areas are reserved for physically disabled people, and they require them the most. Occupying these parking spaces might feel convenient to you, but it can cause trouble for people who are disabled and need these spaces for parking. So, whenever you visit a parking lot, ensure that you don’t leave your car at a disabled parking bay. It will save you from paying a parking penalty and also be helpful for disabled people as the parking space will be available for them to park their wheelchairs.

Remember, if you are caught disobeying parking rules, the parking owner will not hesitate to generate a parking charge notice against you. Therefore, you should never park your car at the disabled parking bay unless you have a blue badge.

Don’t Exceed the Time Limit

When you park your vehicle in a parking lot, ensure that you don’t exceed the time limit. For example, if you pay for an hour, you should take your car out of the parking space before the time exceeds. Otherwise, you may require paying the penalty. However, if you think you might be late, get a ticket for an extended period of time so that you won’t have to pay a parking penalty. Keep in mind that most parking spaces these days include ANPR systems that automatically detect the number plates of the vehicles and keep track of the time period between entering and exiting vehicles.

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