Parking Payment Machines to Increase Your Car Park’s Efficiency

Parking Payment Machines

Improving a car park’s efficiency can ultimately increase revenue. People look for convenience and a better experience; you just need to meet their needs, and no one can stop you from ruling their hearts. The parking industry is rapidly growing & looking for more advanced systems to meet the needs of motorists as well as parking garage owners. Nevertheless, we must not forget that we are still struggling with managing parking processes as car parks include a plethora of things that meticulously need to be taken care of. We need to ensure easy & smooth parking, an efficient payment process, etc. Moreover, in this writing, we will understand the role of high-end parking payment machines in parking garages. So, let’s deep dive into the topic without further ado!


What is a Parking Kiosk?

A parking payment machine is referred to as a kiosk that is used in car parks to receive parking fees from vehicle owners. These machines don’t require staffing, and motorists can use them independently, making them more convenient for vehicle owners. They are also known as self-service parking kiosks, as car owners use them without anyone else’s help. The purpose of integrating parking payment terminals in car parks is to collect fees from motorists and provide them with convenience, security, and an efficient payment experience.

A wide variety of parking kiosks are available in the market now, and their types continue to increase with time. The parking kiosk manufacturers are trying to provide more advanced payment solutions as the industry is growing. It could be challenging for a parking garage owner to determine which payment machine to install in his car park. However, you need not worry! We will discuss how to buy the right payment machines for the car parks at the end of this write-up.


How to Use a Parking Payment Terminal

Using a parking kiosk is pretty easy, especially the latest ones. However, the experience of interacting with a parking payment terminal may vary from device to device, as no two parking kiosks are the same. Every machine includes unique UIs & software integration. Additionally, some payment machines allow motorists to use only cash for making a payment; on the other hand, some devices give complete freedom to users when choosing a payment method. These machines offer cashless transactions along with a multitude of payment options.

However, to use a parking payment machine, you simply need to enter a few crucial details, such as the vehicle registration number, how long you want to leave your vehicle in the car park, how you would like to make the payment (via an app, card, etc.), and so forth. Once you are done with everything, you can receive the receipt for paying the parking fee, and you are good to go now. So, that’s how easy it is to use a parking payment terminal.

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How Does a Parking Kiosk Increase a Car Park’s efficiency?

Gone are the days when we used to stand in queues waiting for our turn to pay the parking fee and obtain a ticket. Now, the world has changed a lot, thanks to technological development. However, a few parking lot owners still prefer to employ staff to collect parking fees, which is quite time-consuming because a human can’t be as efficient as machines. Additionally, when a person takes care of the parking payment process, the chances for errors are higher. Now, to fix the error, the person will again need some time, which will also worsen the customer experience. On the other hand, when a parking lot integrates parking payment terminals, users don’t need to wait for anyone to process their transactions. They can do it on their own, making them more confident & giving a sense of security & reliability.

Nonetheless, when motorists don’t need to wait to pay the parking fees, they stay in the car park for a concise period. It allows other motorists to quickly find a parking site to leave their vehicle, increasing the overall efficiency of the parking spaces. Therefore, installing a parking payment terminal in parking garages is a prudent decision for improving a car park’s efficiency.


How to Choose a Suitable Parking Kiosk Machine

Certain things need to be taken care of while choosing a parking payment terminal, such as how robust it is, its UI, software, etc. Keep in mind that the parking payment machine must be vandalism-proof because parking lots encounter various kinds of people, and they all have different intentions. Having a vandalism-proof parking kiosk will save you money as you won’t have to invest your hard-earned money to repair it. Additionally, these machines should include a straightforward UI because it determines user experience. Make sure the display of the parking payment machine has a touch panel for a better interactive experience. Nonetheless, your parking kiosk should let users make payments without cash, so your customers don’t need to run around looking for cash. If a parking payment machine has these features, you can consider buying it.


The Bottom Line

A parking payment machine plays a vital role in any parking garage as it reduces stress while making payments in car parks to pay the parking fees. So, if you are a car park owner who wants to provide your customers with a top-class parking payment experience, consider integrating a kiosk. However, if you are perplexed about deciding on a vendor for parking payment terminals, consider reaching out to OMNE Technology. We are a leading parking payment machine manufacturer in the United Kingdom. We can provide you with the best quality parking kiosks loaded with a wide variety of valuable features.

Our parking payment machines will let you quickly set tariff plans in your parking lot, collect parking fees, offer improved customer experience, and more. They can even be integrated with a solar panel, which means you won’t necessarily have to rely on plugged power. Our parking kiosks also boast ANPR technology & can also be integrated with a barrier system. So, please feel free to give us a call to know more in detail about our parking payment machines.

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