Reasons Why Touchless Parking Payment Machines are in Demand

In the UK and several other places, cash and cards have been the go-to standards for years, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, it took a while before people started realising how safe and efficient touchless payment systems were, compared to cash or card. Consumers are now enticed by the technology and are constantly becoming more accustomed to it. The technology world is advancing rapidly now, so it makes sense that this new trend is going exceptionally fast! The survey suggests that many companies across the globe have already started accepting contactless payments – and many other countries are soon likely to follow suit. Nevertheless, the demand for touchless payment options is rapidly growing among customers as they offer more convenience. Moreover, in this write-up, we will explore why touchless car parking payment machines are in demand. Let’s take a look without further ado!

What is Touchless Parking?

Touchless parking allows motorists to pay their parking charges without having to touch any payment machine available in the parking lot. The drivers will get details on their email along with a link to pay the parking charges; this is the whole idea of touchless parking.

When a car drives into a parking lot, technology like ANPR and other advanced parking systems automatically check the vehicle to ensure whether it’s on a monthly parking plan or visiting the parking space for the first time. Now the driver parks his car, leaves the place and goes to finish his work, and comes back later to retrieve it. Now, the parking systems again collect the vehicle’s information when it leaves the lot, calculate the overall time the car was left for, and generate an invoice. The motorists will receive the invoice on their phones via email that they will have to pay.

The traditional parking payment method requires motorists to stop at the exit gate in order to pay the parking ticket. But having the touchless parking solutions eliminates the need to stop at the gate as it offers an ecosystem connected to mobile apps.

How Profitable Touchless Parking is

Consumers have grown accustomed to using mobile and wireless devices in their everyday lives. Restaurants that previously only coordinated phone support have started switching to apps and online ordering websites. They’ve begun altering their business models based on clever ideas like eradicating the checkout process, which is vital for businesses with retail-oriented products! A recent report cited cashless transactions, tokenised wallets, and digital checkouts as three ways the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted them.

Nevertheless, contactless payment has significantly improved the overall customer experience. It has positively affected almost all industries, including the parking industry. It has been observed that the parking spaces with a contactless payment option offer an exceptional user experience, leading to translate into repeat business from customers. It also enhances word-of-mouth advocacy among motorists as they don’t have the same parking experience as other car parks. Therefore, integrating the touchless parking payment option can significantly improve your business’ profitability. If you own a parking operation and want to ensure the safety, integrity, and convenience of the parking environment for your customers, it’s time to modernise.

Technology that Enables Contactless Payment

Hardware is nothing without the relevant software and the right technology integration. The technologies that enable devices to process a contactless payment are AVI (Auto Vehicle Identification) and LPR (License Plate Recognition). Both technologies allow smart parking systems to identify cars and read license plates.

Remember, the traditional way of managing a car park might sound more convenient to some car park owners, but the reality is utterly different. Technology is continuously advancing and allowing businesses & general people to leverage its benefits. So, it’s high time the parking industry understood the importance of smart parking systems and tried to utilise them in the best possible ways. Nevertheless, using contactless parking payment solutions can save motorists time and improve their parking experience.

Why Do We Require Contactless Payment Solutions?

The world has witnessed the Covid-19 pandemic, and many countries have yet to recover. We all saw how crucial it was for us to do away with making physical contact during this devastating time. The virus was rapidly spreading as it was too contagious.

In the future, we might experience situations like that because there are several micro-organisms about which we know almost nothing. So, if these viruses come into human contact, the world may again go into a lockdown, and we all will have to abide by the safety measures.

However, there are certain things that we can’t avoid, such as going to the market to buy essential things, making parking payments, getting medications, and so forth. All these things require making a payment, and if we follow the traditional way, this can be detrimental for us, especially when we are facing a pandemic.

Contactless payment options can be our saviour as they allow us to make transactions without touching an external device. So, we just require our smartphone to process transactions, which is not only an effective but also the most efficient & safest way to make a payment. Additionally, contactless payment is error-free and time-efficient, which is what we require.

Smart Parking and Smart City Solution

You’re probably wondering exactly why we’re so excited about frictionless parking technology and all the benefits that go along with it. Well, it’s pretty simple: our biggest cities are running out of expansion options for their existing transportation infrastructure. It would not be feasible or physically possible to widen roads or add a massive highway system in the middle of main thoroughfares. These expansions would require so much more energy resources that can be put to better use if they are conserved somehow. Slowdowns caused by double-parking cars, excessive street-side parking, and cars queuing up in line for entry into a parking garage have a significant burden on traffic congestion as well, including the additional wear and tear on vehicles themselves despite being travelling shorter distances.

Smart parking solutions allow motorists to interact with parking facilities quickly and easily. And contactless car parking payment machines are the stepping stone to carrying off a congestion-free and efficient parking facility. Therefore, it is indispensable for smart cities to have smart parking solutions.

Final Words

So, these are some reasons why touchless car parking payment machines are in demand. Nevertheless, if we look at an ideal parking facility, we will find that it’s a parking space that offers motorists a stress-free, efficient, and smooth parking experience. Having the right car parking payment machines and other smart systems can significantly enhance the overall outcomes of a parking lot, and that’s where Omne Technology comes into play.

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