Self-Service Parking Kiosks: Convenient, Fast, & Secure Parking Solution

Parking Kiosks: The Convenient Way to Pay for Parking<br />

Thanks to technology, life has become so much easier, with everything available at one click. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t prefer slow-running machinery; therefore, they anticipate finding advanced technology everywhere to ease their daily life. With so much on their plate, people don’t want to spend time searching for parking spots or wait in long queues to buy parking receipts.

There was a time when parking lots used to have parking meters that were complicated to use. People had to give spare coins to pay for the fare, calculate the parking time, and keep checking the time left to park, due to which they would often end up getting a parking ticket. Thanks to new digital kiosks, parking has been made simpler, easier, and more convenient for users and for the parking lot & garage owners.

Self-Service Parking Kiosks are machines with static or interactive screens, incorporating advanced technology that is automatically functional. These kiosks help consumers buy parking receipts on their own without assistance. 


How Do Self-Service Parking Kiosks Work?

Making the switch to a self-service parking payment terminal can be very beneficial for a car park because it is simple to use, reliable, and relieves you of the burden of keeping track of transactions. 

Self-service parking kiosks efficiently manage transactions and have software that combines with different systems, including CCTV, ANPR, barrier gates, etc. Automated Kiosks have interactive UI, which makes them easy to use, and motorists have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • For a gated garage, the user has to pay at the entrance and scan the ticket on the machine to access the barrier gate, whereas, for the non-gated parking lot, you can purchase a receipt after entering the parking space.
  • To buy the receipt, enter the required details at the kiosk, such as the vehicle’s registration number (VRN), the duration you want to park your car. Then select the payment option, pay the fare and obtain the receipt.
  • At the exit gate, either scan the receipt or just enter the VRN to check the time duration of parking; after clearance of any remaining payment, the barrier gates will open up.


Types of Self-Service Parking Kiosks

Different types of kiosks are available in the market as per the demand in several sectors like hospitality, restaurant chains, transportation & parking. There are two most efficient parking kiosks available in the market, and these are no less than each other and can be accommodated as per the requirement.

  • Smart Pay Kiosk 

The Smart Pay Kiosk can adapt to a wide range of UI, making them user-friendly. These are API integrated for easy functionality. These kiosks are manufactured mainly for open and large spaces based on the requirement of any car park. All the hardware and software are tested and installed with utmost safety so that the motorist has secured and convenient transactions.

Smart Pay Kiosks consist of a touchscreen panel, interactive UI, remote monitoring feature, ANPR integration and a waterproof (IP65-rated) body.

  • Mini Smart Pay Kiosks 

Mini Smart Pay Kiosks are quite similar to smart pay kiosks and have user-friendly UI, API integration and easy operability. These kiosks are manufactured mainly for indoor spaces and are fit for the requirement of any car park. Mini Smart Pay Kiosks also consist of touchscreen panels, straightforward UI, remote monitoring feature, ANPR integration and a waterproof (IP65-rated) enclosure.


Benefits of Self-Service Parking Kiosks

Every parking lot should include an automatic parking system with various payment methods for efficient traffic flow. The automated parking system can replace the outdated traditional parking system to improve user experience. The advantages of automatic parking  machines over conventional methods are their efficiency, effectiveness, durability, and superior data security. 

  • Increased Convenience for Users

Self-service parking kiosks allow drivers to quickly and easily pay for parking without waiting in line or interacting with a human parking attendant. It helps them save time and makes the parking experience more convenient.

  • Faster Parking Experience

With a self-service parking kiosk, drivers can complete the parking payment process more quickly than they would with a traditional payment method. This can help reduce traffic and congestion in busy parking areas.

  • Improved Security & Reduced Theft

Self-service parking kiosks reduce the need for large amounts of cash to be stored on-site, reducing the risk of theft and increasing overall security for parking operators. Also, the drivers don’t need to carry change to pay the fare amount as they can conveniently pay through their phones. 

  • Enhanced Data Tracking and Management

Self-service parking kiosks generate data about parking usage and occupancy, which can be analysed and used to optimise parking operations, such as setting pricing based on occupancy and allocating spaces more efficiently.

  • Increased Revenue

By reducing operational costs and improving payment efficiency, self-service parking kiosks can help parking operators increase their revenue and profitability.

  • Improved User Experience

With a user-friendly interface and design, self-service parking kiosks can enhance the overall experience for drivers and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Environmentally Friendly

By reducing the need for physical tickets and promoting cashless payment options, self-service parking kiosks can help reduce waste. Following more eco-friendly methods encourage people to change and be environmentally friendly.

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With the era of technological evolution, we are provided with instant solutions, and self-service parking kiosks are one such solution for all our parking payment issues. Car park owners can now easily manage the transactions as all the details are available in the kiosks in the form of data.

With automatic machines, users don’t need someone to guide them as the user interface is understandable and quick; thus, parking lot owners don’t need to hire any handyman saving them money.  

You cannot go wrong with buying self-service parking kiosks as they are your way to manage your car park’s daily transactions stress-free with the utmost security of all the payments. With the help of these kiosks, you can keep a check on illegal parkers and reclaim your money.

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