The Future Of The Car Park Management Industry

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With transportation, it’s hard to believe we are still too far to achieve the technological advancements that we have seen in some sci-fi movies. However, some aspects of those dual-screened mobile phones and flying cars are already here. Today our cities are inhabited by electric vehicles & they are being monitored with digital twin technology. Experimenting with self-driving cars has begun to see the light of day.

In fact, we won’t be too surprised to see people with jetpacks strapped to their backs in a decade! I mean, who knows? The developing technology suggests that the available infrastructures of the car parks are yet to meet the requirements of cars. Therefore, we can see a drastic change in the parking industry in a few decades, and its preparation should begin now.

As an entrepreneur of your own automobile business, you need a property that can meet these specific needs for parking lots and standard-size garages. You can also not avoid the indispensability of smart parking solutions, such as parking payment machines or parking kiosks. Nonetheless, in this write-up, we will deep dive into the ocean of imagination and try to figure out what could be the future of the car park management industry. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Car Park Management for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are stupendous for many reasons; they are environment-friendly, pocket-friendly to run, futuristic, and require less maintenance! Electric cars must be highly adaptable so that users can charge them wherever they are, no matter what’s going on around them. If a person has an EV, they might expect parking nearby and available at their destination. However, if it turns out there isn’t any parking lot with an option to charge EVs, or it costs extra, the owners may drive right back homes to charge their cars instead of venturing into town.

Most electric vehicle manufacturers are already moving heaven and earth to build accessible charging stations for their customers. However, being a parking space owner, the futuristic approach you can apply is by focusing on preparing the infrastructure with additional charging ports. Electric vehicles groups usually have designated areas within buildings where charging can occur through a structured network set up by the facility’s owner (or another authority). Remember, charging stations can be designed within buildings or outdoor spaces to promote compatibility for EV owners who want to park their vehicles and simultaneously utilize the charging areas available. By offering a parking space along with a charging station for electric cars, the parking industry can significantly ameliorate its revenues!


Car Park Management for Autonomous Vehicles

The prospect of automobiles without drivers may seem like a far-fetched idea right now, but it’s coming whether we want it or not. Google’s Waymo has conducted tests on its self-driving cars to collect over 3 million miles of road data, and they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Tesla vehicles, equipped with an “Autopilot” feature, are being sold. These electric cars allow motorists to drive them with no hands on the wheel. Several other automakers across the planet have also implemented tests of their own for self-driving vehicles. They are aggressively funding autonomous vehicle technology by developing LiDAR systems that can further improve the driverless experience.

The growing demand for self-drive cars leaves the question for car park owners and architects, how they will design the parking lots to cater to the needs of future self-drive vehicles! Understandably, there have been serious concerns about autonomous parking. People worry about how cars will be stacked and what will happen to them when another vehicle suddenly becomes an obstacle. Most importantly, people need to realize that the future of smart parking will lead to the creation of new parking facilities capable of adjusting to strategic relocations so that vehicles can get out of one space and into another. If the parking owners somehow manage to design a car park management with dedicated relocation spaces, the problems with vehicle parking will be a thing of the past!

Car Park Management  for Ride-Sharing Transportation

Uber and other similar transportation enterprises have changed the way we get around by adding ride-sharing services to transportation options. Now, we can take shared rides from almost all places, including airports, malls, and other public facilities where we congregate. Many cities and counties have already implemented ride-sharing due to its popularity and wide range of uses. However, one concern is where these cars are parked. In many regions, parking arranged specifically for these ride-hailing apps has been made illegal or challenging due to worries about congestion and other issues nearby. Therefore, in order for things to continue smoothly in the future regarding these sharing rides, it may be necessary for new parking lots that accommodate ride-sharing specifically to be built for ease of access and simplicity overall.

Ride-sharing services have revolutionized the transportation system and also made the parking owners more aware. For example, car park management is now being designed with buffer zones to allow drivers or ride-sharing users to wait for customers to access them easily. These spaces are sometimes part of a public car park and are designed with separate access points to ease congestion for other drivers within facilities. Thus, the overall design of parking lots must integrate buffer zones apart from those typically available in regular parking spots to give riders easy access to pick-up points. Parking owners should also think of new ways to enhance their customers’ parking experience and cope with the issues that may arise in the future.

Car Parks and Technology

Today’s parking lots have already started integrating the use of automation to mitigate the challenges and issues motorists face. And it’s pretty common to see parking kiosks integrated with the ANPR system and other smart solutions in parking lots. Nevertheless, there will be many advances in technology to help eliminate issues associated with parking spaces in the future. More and more people will drive electric, fully-automated vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint, but the implications of these actions will include increased congestion on the roads. Therefore, it is crucial that the new technology can also incorporate itself into multi-storey car parks so that parking spaces can be optimized for vehicle and human capacities. One of the ways this could potentially happen would be for lifts to carry vehicles directly from entrance areas up to auto-parking zones.

Moreover, the technologies in the future may be used to help users across a wide range of areas from automated parking, charging vehicles without the need for drivers to exit them, route tracking, and security features, including facial recognition technology. Multi-storey car park management currently uses elevators that require people to manually control them up and down between floors. It’s a process that could become a lot more helpful if it was automated so that human intervention is not needed so much.


The Bottom Line

The future of the car park industry is full of adversities, but it also has a bright side. Therefore, if all the car park management owners leverage the benefits of emerging technologies and opportunities, they can significantly ameliorate their revenues.

Well, making ourselves prepared for the future is a remarkable idea, but it can only be possible when we start working now. If you are a parking owner, it’s high time you started revamping your parking space as soon as possible! Equip your parking lot with the latest smart parking solutions to enhance your customer’s parking experience.

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