Things to Do and Avoid While Cleaning Your Car Park Kiosk

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Parking kiosks are among the most important devices in a parking lot, and keeping them in tip-top condition is vital for processing uninterrupted transactions. Keeping the car park kiosks clean can improve their lifespan and eliminate the risk of germ contamination. However, a few things are needed to be taken into consideration in order to keep the kiosks away from damage. This piece of writing will introduce you to some crucial things that should be done while cleaning a parking payment machine and what should be avoided. So, without wasting our precious time, let’s cut to the chase!

Clean the Displays of Your Car Park Kiosks

Note that if you want to keep germs at bay, regularly clean the surfaces touched most often by people in your specific area, including those in your business or organisation. The greater the traffic flow through a particular area, the more important it is to sanitise frequently touched surfaces. They could be touched hundreds of times or thousands of times within a single day, depending on where they’re located.

Parking kiosks machines are one of the devices that motorists frequently touch on a daily basis. So, it becomes crucial for parking space owners to ensure that the touch display of the parking payment machine in their parking lots remains clean & sanitised all the time. So, you should consider cleaning the display of your parking payment machine.

Use a Lint-Free Cloth to Clean Your Parking Kiosk’s Display

Cleaning your kiosks can be pretty risky and requires special attention & care. Using harsh detergents to clean the screen surface or abrasive materials such as paper towels or rags to clean the screen with could mean damaging the screen and leaving behind marks when you don’t want them to get there. We suggest you use microfiber cloths as they are designed to pick up dust, dirt, hair, and lint particles for a deep but gentle clean that help leave your screens looking fresh with no marks left on them.

If you use abrasive materials, they may damage the screen and even put some scratches on it. So, it’s strongly recommended to use a lint-free cloth when it comes down to cleaning the kiosk display in your parking lot.

Soap & Water Usages for Cleaning Car Park Kiosks

Wet a soft, lint-free cloth with warm/normal water and add a few drops of mild non-detergent soap or cleaning solution to it. Wring the cloth as much as you can without being too hard so that your rag is almost completely dry with just a little bit of moisture left on the surface. Begin wiping down any surfaces you’re working on while they’re still slightly damp so that they have time to absorb any solution from your cleaning rag. Be extra gentle when wiping across kiosk displays because these things are susceptible to being cleaned too aggressively. Once everything has dried up entirely (make sure it’s completely dried), start over again with a fresh, clean cloth soaked adequately in soap and water as described above! Now, use a completely dry cloth to clean the display of the parking kiosk again to obliterate moisture.

Don’t Use Unapproved Cleaning Solutions

Companies have been producing larger screen gadgets like TVs, kiosks, and monitors for a long time. As a result, it was necessary for them to find manufacturers who would be able to provide a protective solution that would be able to prevent these products from getting damaged when they were being delivered. So, when choosing cleaners for cleaning a kiosk, make sure it’s approved. However, you can use a solution of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in the ratio of 7:3 for cleaning the display of the kiosk.

Keep in mind that the relevant government organisation should approve the cleaning solution you buy in order to clean your kiosk. It can also help you do away with the aftermath.

Avoid Using Concentrated Solution

It is vitally important to clean the face of your kiosk’s touch screen daily. This ensures optimum user experience and eliminates the chance of germs from being left behind. Not cleaning your touchscreen often enough invites people to put their hands on it and even leave scratches. We want your customers to have a seamless experience when using your touchscreen car park kiosk, and it requires maintaining the payment terminal’s cleanliness. If you don’t use a safe product, it could affect its functionality. When cleaning with a rag or towel, one should avoid chemicals like ammonia and strong alkali Lyles. These cleaners are highly harmful to the surface of your touch screen, specifically for the capacitive touch sensors inside that allow users to read information with greater ease, among other things.

So, it’s strongly recommended to avoid using concentrated solutions while cleaning a parking payment machine’s display.

Don’t Let Liquids Go Inside the Screen of the Parking Kiosk

When conducting a crucial cleaning procedure on your kiosk, like using some spray solution to clean the screen, it’s important to use distilled water instead of regular water. Spraying a solution directly onto the screen will inevitably cause damage as not only will the liquid seep into the kiosk’s inner workings, but it’ll also compromise its integrity in other significant ways. It might be tempting to combat this issue by spraying directly onto the screen instead of the material one is cleaning with, but doing so will only aggravate any possible long-term problems.

So, you should pay attention while cleaning the display of a kiosk so that liquids won’t go inside the screen.

The Bottom Line

As we navigate through uncertain times, it’s crucial to stay on top of keeping things clean. This is particularly true for self-service kiosks because multiple customers could potentially be using them at a time, touching them throughout the day. It’s crucial that these kinds of self-contained units are sufficiently sanitised on a regular basis because it would make sense to keep them as clean as other public spaces like airport security checkpoints or restaurant kitchens, for example.

Nevertheless, these are some crucial things to consider while cleaning a paring kiosk to avoid potential damage. Nevertheless, if you want to equip your parking space with highly advanced parking kiosks, consider reaching out to Omne Technology. We are the industry leader in manufacturing car park kiosks. All our products are meticulously tested and highly durable. To know more about Omne Technology or our parking kiosks, you can either call us at 0121 318 8833 or email us at

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