Tips to Prevent Unauthorised Parking on Private Property

unauthorised parking on private property

Imagine how you will feel when you find that unauthorized vehicles are being parked in your parking space. This would be annoying, especially considering that it could hold up a potential source of revenue, seeing as these vehicles are taking up spaces that legitimate paying customers could use. But what can you do? Well, consider installing some kind of anti-vehicle system. One idea might be metal spikes or some sort of concrete barrier. You might think it’s not cruel to punish innocent people who found themselves stranded and looking for somewhere to park. However, you need to protect your assets and ensure they aren’t damaged or unable to be used by customers who genuinely have registered vehicles on file with you. Well, if you don’t want to go this way, we have several other ideas for you. This writing will introduce you to the top tips to prevent unauthorised parking on private property. So, let’s cut to the chase!

Consult with Your Local Council

We all know that there are certain places that have parking restrictions, but many people don’t think about it and park their cars wherever they want to. So, the first thing most people feel is to seek out the local council and see what help they can get from them. However, one should note that calling the council to complain about parking issues on private land will not solve the problem with your neighbor’s parked or double-parked vehicle. You will quickly realize that unless you live in an area where there are public roads, like in many rural communities, no councils will have any power over cars being parked on private property. However, if someone blocks the path, they may help you in that case.

Contact the Police

One of the first things that any general person’s mind comes to when they face any problem is to call the police. But contacting the police might not help when someone parks their car on your private land because the police have very few powers. They can help you in some instances, such as when a vehicle seems dangerous. So, if you think that someone has parked their car on your private property intending to harm you, calling the police can be the best thing that anyone can do.

Remember, when someone parks their car on your private property without permission, it’s considered a civil offence. So, police can’t deal with it under criminal law. However, you can pursue this under civil law if you want to, but you should not forget that it may make a hole in your pocket.

Hire a Private Towing Service

Parking in the wrong place can sometimes be a dangerous thing to do, and the situation can get a whole lot worse if said vehicle does not belong there. An effective way to deal with unauthorised parking on private property is, of course, by arranging for it to be towed away. Yes, you are probably feeling pretty angry by knowing the fact that someone thinks they can park their car on your private property without your permission. However, make sure you don’t go from being angry to vengeful because you could get yourself into plenty of trouble if you do so. Your best option is to take the time needed to resolve the situation by locating the correct information online to understand better how best to approach it. Instead of panicking or acting rashly, try getting in touch with whoever owns that vehicle and explain your situation calmly. Instead of getting yourself into trouble, you will help clear up confusion and fault lines around parking permissions. However, if the motorist still abuses your private property, you may consider hiring a private vehicle towing service; this might resolve the issue.

Use Signs

There are legal ways to prevent people from parking in your private parking space or property unlawfully without authorization. For example, you can post a sign that indicates that there is no unauthorised parking on private property allowed. In addition, if the person is caught violating the published rule, they can face penalties for disobeying the rule. However, it’s illegal to destroy the vehicle or cause undue harm (e.g., clamping down on or damaging unauthorized cars). Remember that you cannot physically assault someone simply because they parked somewhere that wasn’t allowed. Nevertheless, using signs can significantly reduce unauthorised parking on private property. 

ANPR System Integration

An ANPR system stands for Autonomous Number Plate Recognition, a technology used to capture relevant data from a vehicle’s license plate. Cameras strategically placed at entrances and exits to the parking lot, your company can keep an eye on who’s coming in and out every day! It is important to note that with these cutting-edge cameras providing real-time information about the plates belonging to all cars entering and exiting the premises, you should expect privacy issues to be brought up more frequently than before.

You can use the ANPR system to help you prove that someone who isn’t an authorized user used your space (and try to get them to pay the correct amount) or know how many people are using your private property, so you don’t have to guess. Since it takes all the guesswork out of tracking, it makes life a lot easier!

CCTV Installation

Keeping your car park secure is a priority. This means it’s imperative to make sure that anybody parking there at any given time feels safe, knowing their vehicle will remain intact. Cars are becoming more advanced, making it just as much about the safety of the person driving as the vehicle itself. So we recommend putting in safeguards for things like emergency call buttons and making sure somebody can come out if an accident happens without having to move the car. It’s also great for deterring people from parking if they don’t actually have the authority to park there, whether they’re pre-booked customers or not! Some extra equipment such as lights and surveillance cameras help provide even better security against any potential intruders you might have, so it would be wise to consider investing in these.

Hire a Car Park Management Company

A car park management company can provide you with a wide range of innovative parking solutions that will not only prevent unauthorised parking on private property but also increase your revenue from your parking space. These agencies can install ANPR integrated CCTVs in your parking space, generate parking charge notices for motorists who violate parking law, provide self-ticketing services, and more. Keep in mind that hiring a car park management company is the best way to get rid of unauthorized parking. They offer peace of mind by taking the entire responsibility on their shoulders. Therefore, once you are tied up with a reliable parking management company, you will never have to worry about unauthorised parking on private property. 

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