What is Pay on Foot Parking?

Pay on Foot Parking

What is Pay on Foot Parking?

With an ever-increasing population, more and more folks are moving to cities than ever before. Traffic also takes a toll on us all as well as our wallets. This is why parking needs to be transformed in city centres globally to accommodate these changes, which is what innovative parking solutions or parking management machines are doing nowadays. Parking garages are updating their systems using superior technology that helps customers find the closest spots more efficiently and with added security options built into them so that people may feel safe walking through grimy areas in between their cars and the exit of their immediate destination.

When we talk about pay on foot parking, this is actually a rather unusual type of parking arrangement. In it, one pays before arriving at the exit. Car owners pay the parking fees via a machine as they enter a parking facility rather than pay for each hour of stay. Most of these arrangements involve automated ticketed programs, in which motorists receive tickets when entering, which must be combined with a charge card to leave the facility.

Moreover, in this article, we will learn more about pay-on-foot parking and how it works. So, let’s not waste more time & cut to the chase!

How Does a Pay on Foot Parking System Work?

In the parking management industry, a phrase called “pay on foot” has been established; it’s a process or procedure involving using an ANPR camera to scan a car’s license plate and check to confirm the payment status of any driver who enters a parking area. And since it’s a system that is used industry-wide, getting familiar with it and its intended functions will add value to your knowledge base if you work with this technology. When a car enters the parking facility, they can pay by either paying at the terminal or prepaying when they get there. Finding a parking system that works for motorists and car park owners is the key.

Recent parking innovations have led to the integration of contactless payments in car parking machinery, allowing drivers to pay for their parking through a variety of means, including contactless cards and smartphones. It is also possible to have multiple payment terminals on every floor within larger car parks, so drivers don’t have to walk a long distance or join a queue just to pay for parking. Pay on foot parking is an efficacious parking management strategy to reduce parking vehicles’ stress and enhance a parking lot’s overall efficiency.

Advantages of Pay on Foot Parking

One of the best things about pay on foot parking is that it eliminates the need for parking enforcement officers and attendants, saving the company money on staff. This system also eliminates confusion about parking and creates an all-around better experience for your customers or car owners! Another great thing about this is that if changes are made to rates, schedules, or hours of operation, there’s no need to replace any signage or add new paperwork. Everything can be changed overnight without worrying about motorists remembering what changes have been made.

Along with saving time and money, pay on foot parking systems also benefit parking attendants in many ways. Smart machines can be programmed to understand the patterns of high traffic events in a city or town. By using this data, innovative parking meters can automatically manage and allocate more space for those days when the venue is expected to have many attendees. And since these innovative machines accept contactless payments, it only takes a moment to get a ticket printed out!

Congestion Free Parking

A pay on foot parking system includes smart parking machines and technology, so car park owners can quickly mitigate traffic congestion. Typically on junctions leading up to the car park, there will be a display of how many car spaces are vacant. This is updated automatically by the ANPR cameras calculating how many cars are currently in the car park against how many car parking spaces there are in total. This can prevent bottlenecks and people entering the car park thinking they have found available space and potentially blocking up entrances or exits to the car park if they find out there is no such space.

Fabulous Customer Experience

Pay on foot parking is a prevalent option today because it can provide customers with one of the most comfortable parking experiences. Pay on foot parking facility helps customers enjoy all of the perks that come alongside this option and ensures visitors are able to leave as soon as they arrive or remain as long as they need without worrying about parking fines. Having such a parking system can significantly enhance the customer’s experience, leading to building a special bond with you. They will revisit your car park again and again.

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Is Pay on Foot Parking the Best Solution to Parking Problems?

Parking seems to be a significant issue in city centres, resulting in congestion and making it challenging to optimise space usage. However, with the progress of smart city technology and parking, we can now see the arrival of the “smart parking solution” where instead of having our dashboard displays showing us how much time we have left on our meters, we can essentially use our phones instead as if they were some kind of black boxes for your vehicle. This means all you need is your phone to display an icon or something that will suffice as if you were secretly being followed by some random folk keeping an eye on your car for you.

Well, pay on foot parking might not be the best parking solution, but we cannot deny the fact that its effectiveness is incredible when it comes down to managing parking spaces.

Get a Parking Kiosk

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