Why Are Car Park Payment Terminals Badly Designed?

The parking industry has become quite competitive, and almost everyone in this sector is moving heaven and earth to provide their customers with the best possible services. However, there are a few things that haven’t been changed much; for example, the designs of parking payment machines. We all know how indispensable parking payment terminals have become and how these machines help car park owners efficiently manage their parking spaces. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the designs of most parking kiosks in the market are not very appealing. This piece of writing will look at the reasons why parking payment machines are poorly designed. Let’s get started!

Easy to Design

One of the prominent reasons why many parking payment terminals look very bad is they are easier to design. Engineers don’t take the design of the machines seriously and just focus on the technology necessary to integrate into the parking payment terminals. This undeniably makes these machines function flawlessly, but when it comes to user experience, they are not up to the mark. Therefore, it is necessary for engineers and other teams to work collaboratively in order to produce a parking payment machine that not only works fantastically but also looks appealing.

No Obvious Task Flow

No matter what work you do, it needs to be done in a defined series or pattern to fetch the desired outcomes. Otherwise, you may be able to finish the task but have to compromise with the result. It has been observed that the reason behind most misdesigned parking machines is a dearth of apparent task flow. When people involved in the parking machine manufacturing process don’t know what the previous step was and what will happen the next, they create a design that is good for nothing. Hence, every parking payment machine manufacturer should let everyone involved in the manufacturing process know the entire task flow and help them understand their roles if they want to produce a well-designed car park payment machine.

Lack of Consistency

When it comes down to choosing a parking payment machine in the United Kingdom, the options are endless. And no two terminals are the same; they function differently, are uniquely designed and share no consistency. A lack of consistency in parking payment machines creates confusion and makes people unable to use them with ease. Nevertheless, most of these parking payment terminals offer no user guidance, making them even more challenging to operate. So, when motorists visit a new parking lot to park their cars, they have to use an utterly unfamiliar car park payment machine, which again causes user inconvenience and customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, having consistency with parking payment terminals can significantly enhance user experience and may even eliminate the bad design issue.

Reliance on Small Paper Prints

Many parking ticket machines overlook important details. For example, some parking ticket machines have very difficult to read labels because there are not just one or two giant buttons and computer screeds on them but many. It’s like a cognitive math problem one has to solve to connect the information written on a tiny label next to a giant button with the task of pushing that oversized button to get what you need! The design of the machine can be improved by making it more informative and eliminating the need for erecting reams of small prints.

Fast Manufacturing

Another prominent reason parking payment machines have not shown any improvement in their designs is the industry’s need to manufacture these payment terminals in less time and cost. Designing and manufacturing a brand new parking kiosk requires a lot of time, human resources, and money. Businesses want to earn more profit without wanting to invest a considerable amount. Therefore, they continue to produce parking payment kiosks that’s designs are already ready. It helps kiosk or payment machine manufacturers make more money in less time and with lesser investment. However, if these kiosk manufacturing companies stop overlooking the importance of the machine’s design, their manufacturing speed might decrease initially, but in the end, they can have huge benefits.

How to Ameliorate the Usability of Parking Payment Machines

Despite improving the overall design of parking payment machines, a few other things can also be done to increase the usability of these devices. Let’s take a look!

Make a User-Friendly UI

The user interface is an important part of any display, including paring payment machines. Customers never want to interact with any devices that are very complicated to use. Therefore, it’s vital for parking payment terminals to have a user interface that customers love to interact with and don’t find complex. A straightforward UI increases customer retention and also saves time. So, if you are a parking payment machine manufacturer, you should ensure that your devices include a user-friendly & intuitive UI. This can enhance the usability of parking payment terminals.

Include Multiple Payment Options

Having the flexibility to make a payment via parking kiosks can eliminate the stress on customers to find change or go to pay via a particular mode of payment. This will also give motorists peace of mind because they will know that they will not go empty-handed because the parking machine will have many payment options to make a transaction & pay the parking fee. It’s an excellent way to increase the usability of a parking payment terminal.

Latest Parking Kiosks

We now understand why most parking payment machines are misdesigned and how we can improve them. However, some parking kiosk manufacturers in the UK offer highly advanced parking payment terminals, and they also have futuristic designs. For example, OMNE Technology. We are a leading parking payment kiosk machine manufacturer in the UK; our kiosks are designed to fulfil the needs of any parking space regardless of its size. They can be integrated with ANPR technology, solar penal, and also a barrier system. They look fantastic & work flawlessly.

So, if you want to integrate high-end parking kiosks into your parking lot, please feel free to get in touch with OMNE Technology at 0121 318 8833.

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