Why are OMNE Kiosks Better than Manual Parking Ticket Terminals?

OMNE Kiosks

With vehicles outnumbering the parking spaces, we need to find car parks with efficient parking services to make the process smooth and quick. Technology is leading us today, and we have become so used to fast services that we lack patience. Technology is a boon for us when used correctly. Every car park should have an automatic parking system with multiple payment options for parkers for systematic traffic movement. The traditional parking system is outdated, and the automated parking system can replace it for a better user experience. Automatic parking payment machines are a better alternative to conventional methods because it is efficient, effective, durable, and secure your data better than the latter. You can install the Kiosks manufactured by OMNE Technology to increase the efficiency of your car park. 

In this blog, you will learn more about how OMNE Kiosks are better than traditional parking payment terminals.


Integrated with Advanced Technology 

We want to use technology that is understandable and user-friendly. The OMNE Kiosks are an integration of technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology and UI Design that are easy to use. These Kiosks are so simple to use that they are suitable for a wide range of users. With such technology, there are fewer chances of a security breach. In contrast, traditional ones are entirely dependent on the expertise of the guards working on them. They have to manually fill in all the details, which can be troublesome and lead to errors.


Smooth Parking Payment Terminals 

We all need options for everything, be it clothes, dining in or payment options. To improve the efficiency of your car park, you should introduce multiple payment options so that motorists find it easier to pay. With fewer payment options, it gets haphazard for customers, and they tend to find better options than your car park, which can be a serious issue for your business. As manual ticket machines require you to make your payments in exact change, it gets challenging, and thus Automatic parking machines like OMNE Kiosks are better options than the former. 


Reduced Traffic Congestion

With OMNE Kiosks, the motorist can fill in all the required details without any help because it’s that easy. So, there are fewer chances of waiting in long- queues like in manual systems where the guards fill every vehicle detail, requiring a hefty amount of time to do so manually. With no long lines for parking, there will be smooth traffic movement and reduced traffic congestion.


Digital Check-ins

In traditional parking ticket machines, guards manually fill all the details, and even with high expertise, there is a chance for error. With digital check-ins, the motorists themself fill in their details like registered vehicle number, time duration of parking etc., so they keep a cautionary focus while entering the details in Kiosk. Therefore, there is no information or payment glitch for the user and the car park owner.

Also, with the information stored in the machine, it is easy for the owner to access it anytime without having to go through so many files. There is no room for payment glitches as the motorist must pay at the parking ticket machine itself.



When we invest in things, we want them to last long and stay intact for a longer time, and you will get exactly that with OMNE Kiosks. They are durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective, as they cannot be damaged even with sharp or heavy objects. 

OMNE Kiosks are also weather-proof (IP65-rated). Thus, they are indestructible even in snowy or rainy weather. 


Green Solution

We are working towards a better and sustainable future. As we know, the conventional parking ticket method uses a paper-based record system, filed manually, so there is an environment loss along with the chance of error. We are reducing paper use with digital and automatic machine options and working towards a better alternative. OMNE Kiosks can integrate with solar panels, which can be a big switch to renewable energy and a greener environment.


No Assistance Required

If your car park is still manually run, you need to hire guards that handle the parking payment terminals, increasing the labour cost and thus decreasing your revenue. With OMNE Kiosk, you don’t need to provide anyone for assistance as it is easily operatable. You can generate extra income and add up to your total revenue without additional labour costs. 

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With the advancement in technology, it is high time you convert your car park to a smart car park by installing smart parking technology, such as OMNE Kiosks. These digital parking payment machines provide your user with a great parking experience. With multiple digital options, motorists can quickly pay for a parking ticket and are free from any hustle. OMNE Technology is the leading manufacturer and supplier of parking kiosks that comes in different sizes depending on your need and are highly efficient and enduring.

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