Why Parking Lot Kiosk is the Future of the Parking Industry

parking lot kiosk

Parking lots can be a real pain to navigate, especially when you’re trying to rush to get out the door and get one of your hectic mornings started. But not everyone has your level of organizational skills; there will be some motorists who don’t know how to read signs! So, if you see spaces marked as reserved, or have no other options, remember that there’s always someone around waiting to help you. Nevertheless, making payments at parking spaces is another daunting activity as it may take a lot of time. Fortunately, technology is rapidly advancing, making things more manageable for humankind to operate & manage. In this piece of writing, we will try to understand why parking lot kiosks are the future of the parking industry. So, without further ado, let’s take a look!

Features of Parking Lot Kiosk

Self-parking kiosks are a quick, organized, convenient, and safe way to park your car. Sometimes, when you walk into an establishment that has this kind of technology, you’ll be greeted by a parking kiosk where you can see which spots are open so that you can pay to reserve one for yourself. You can drive in without having someone help you find an available space. A parking lot kiosk offers you peace of mind knowing that no matter what row or parking spot you get, there’s already one reserved for your vehicle, allowing you to park and get on your way quickly!

Mobile Access

You can now reserve parking in your neighbourhood! There’s an application that you can use before going to the parking lot of a local business. The service is compatible across multiple platforms and available for download on any device that you may own. If any problems arise or you have questions regarding the reservation, feel free to get in touch with the establishment in question directly from the convenience of your email client or via their contact information listed online. You won’t face any problems, thanks to the ANPR system integration with parking kiosks.

Live Customer Support

Even while interacting with the kiosk, you can still talk to a customer service representative! The option is available on the kiosk as well as on their website, and it’s meant to help with transaction-related inquiries and related matters. Anything you want to know is likely available somewhere on the company website or at least one of those 24/7 helpline centres! Keep in mind that you will never feel blinded while using a parking kiosk, thanks to its straightforward and intuitive UI. You can see all your transaction details with ease!

Online Payment Option

Paying for a parking space can be stressful, so there’s no need to look for anyone when you could quickly pay via your phone. Download the recommended app, and have it direct you to a nearby parking lot kiosk whose owners have partnered with a parking lot kiosk manufacturer. What makes this solution even better is that it offers different ways to pay beyond a traditional credit card payment. So, motorists can take advantage of the ability to choose from various payment methods, including cash. If you don’t have time, you can enjoy receipts delivered via email or text message for added flexibility and convenience.

What Can Be the Future of Parking Lot Kiosk?

When discussing improvements, there are endless possibilities for how we can feasibly revamp a product’s design. For example, parking kiosks primarily make transactions smooth in parking lots, but what if they do more? What if these machines start refueling stations for electric vehicles charging stations for cars with alternative-fuel engines, and even provide information about service station amenities such as food, drink, ATMs, etc. We can expect multiple updates in parking kiosks in upcoming years; some of them are mentioned below:

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

Parking kiosks are already pretty advanced, but they can be improved more by integrating with artificial intelligence to make them fully automated. Automatic parking kiosks could free up your time and energy, especially when you’re running errands. Traditional parking lots are either underground or out in the open, taking up unnecessary space. They also have too many obstacles like signs and traffic lights, limiting what spaces you can park in at certain times of the day. However, AI parking kiosks have all of this sorted by placing cars inside stacked containers so that you can drop off your car and then go about doing the things you need to complete while not worrying about where it will be held during your time away from it!

Advantages of AI Integration with Parking Lot  Kiosk

Nowadays, it’s prevalent to experience long traffic on the freeways because of too many vehicles, making it challenging to take a spot for a car without sacrificing time. Parking kiosks are now being used in most large cities across the globe so that motorists never have to face this annoyance again while parking. It doesn’t matter if you intend to go grocery shopping or see a late-night motion picture at your local theatre; parking kiosks will ensure you can always find somewhere convenient and drive off quickly so you can spend more time doing what you want.

Improved Cybersecurity

While several possibilities could be explored when it comes to technology, there are always those trying to exploit or alter the system industries are using. With the level of danger increasing every day, it’s becoming more important than ever to improve our cybersecurity measures. It’s essential for all companies to do due diligence in terms of their own security and ensure that their entire parking system is safe from whatever threats lurking around. While a lot of developments have already been going in terms of cybersecurity, parking lot kiosk manufacturing companies need to keep exploring how they can bolster this aspect even further because it will only get better if they do so.

The Bottom Line

Car sales always go up, so you can imagine how many parking spaces we need to be able to store all of these vehicles. Are you sick of spending your life dealing with getting a parking pass? Do you hate being fined because parking tickets always slip your mind? If so, then there is an answer just for people like you! Parking kiosks can make or break your day, and we know that people hate wasting time. These kiosks will make it safer for people who drive through the city, and they are much more efficient than the old days when people used to have to pay by hand and take a ticket from a person. You can use these self-service machines even if you don’t own a car, as every city has them and they make it easier for tourists to learn about where everything is!

Nevertheless, if you are a parking lot owner and want to install parking kiosks in your parking space, it’s high time you contacted us! We at Omne Technology can provide innovative parking payment solutions like next-generation terminals that take the hassle out of parking. These parking kiosks boast an interactive UI where drivers can input their vehicle numbers and other necessary details to obtain a parking ticket with ease!

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