Worrying Facts About Unorganised Parking Solutions

The parking industry is a mess in several ways. We have all heard from our friends how it becomes an exasperating experience to pay for parking, having been given tickets even when getting there earlier than the time permitted. And if you don’t want to receive a PCN during your trip, it often doesn’t matter what you do because there are many false positives as far as fines are concerned. However, one can’t focus only on the problems plaguing the modern-day parking lot. Unorganised parking solution are the prominent reasons motorists have to spend a lot of time finding a parking lot. Therefore, it’s high time the parking industry started focusing on these problems and their fixes. We have listed some of the most disturbing facts about unorganised parking lots and their failed management systems to show why investors and entrepreneurs should consider using the smart parking service to eliminate these problems. Let’s take a look!

It Consumes a Lot of Time

The average person who owns a car spends approx. 106 days of their life looking for parking. That’s equivalent to 3 months. If you think about all of that lost time, plus the ones spent at work (less than half of your waking day), you might start to understand why so many people favour using car-sharing vehicles when travelling as an alternative to owning a car yourself. Nevertheless, if you travel through a big city like London, you may require spending around 8 minutes per journey to locate a parking space, undeniably pretty annoying.

Burns a Lot of Money

According to a study, an average motorist drives an average of half a mile more than usual in a quest for a parking space. Parking spots are crucial and often hard to find. That’s why drivers do this hoping to take the first spot they see, but it is not good because it wastes gas and time. This extra half mile that drivers cannot even include in their daily drive could be used for something more strategic, like more productivity or relaxing time away from the city life that usually presents these “parking challenges”. However, having smart parking solution in a city can save motorists a lot of money & time too.

Causes Unwanted Traffic Jams

When you think of traffic jams, what typically comes to mind is a long stretch of city blocks lined with cars. However, over 30% of traffic in urban centres is made up of vehicles parked somewhere on the streets. The issue has become an enormous burden and a deterrent for people who are either visiting or living in town and are looking for parking spots themselves, which can sometimes be found blocks away from their destination point. Think about how much time and money individuals spend looking for parking solution ! What if readily available non-traditional locations were much closer to your point of origin? It’s indispensable to use organised and effective parking  solution to cope with the issue of massive traffic jams.

Consumes Living Spaces

We waste a lot of space with parking, about one-third of the city to be exact. Of those, about one-third are left blank at any given time. That amounts to wasted space that could have been put to better use. It’s time for us to rethink our parking strategies in order to make efficient use of space, and better yet, redo some outdated designations and use the extra area to create more space conducive to allowing people on foot or bicycles or even cars who are looking for street space where they need it most. Unorganised parking management leads to the wasting of living spaces, so the parking industry needs to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Pollutes the Environment

The way cars look for open parking spaces can have an adverse impact on the environment. All the speeding, unwinding and compressing that the hunt for a parking space requires pollutes more than regular driving does. This is undeniably worsened by the fact that when people park in these empty spots for too long, both their engines and tires are also very likely to suffer. This means our resources will be used up even more quickly, which will thus increase climate change occurrence rates. Moreover, all of this wasted time means we are being unnecessarily fed more CO2 than ever before, which will certainly not help alleviate this problem anytime soon!

Stresses out Drivers

One of the most stressful things that drivers have is to find a parking spot. Some drivers find it stressful because they have a hard time finding one at all. And some get frustrated while just getting to one particular parking spot turns into an unpleasant chore, often leaving them questioning whether or not parking their vehicle is worth the hassle after all. The worst thing about this for most people is probably dealing with someone who has apparently decided to take up two spaces in the lot or take up two spots in general. As cliché as it may sound, life is already hard enough sometimes, so why make something as simple as finding a parking lot hard? Therefore, having an organised parking system is necessary, especially in large cities, to effectively cope with parking-related issues.

Dangerous for Everyone

Finding a parking space can be daunting, and this is why many people choose to park their cars in a place they shouldn’t. Sometimes they even manage to find technically legal spots, but when there is inevitably someone who needs to squeeze in where there isn’t enough room for two cars. Accidents inevitably happen, not just because these collisions can cause severe damage but also because the situation with the blocked streets becomes quite dangerous for others (like cyclists), especially when trying to make their way through. This is why these parking regulations exist; they are crucial in making our cities safer by reducing the likelihood of accidents and preventing things from getting out of control. And this can only be possible if parking spaces start incorporating innovative parking solution to do away with unorganised parking.

Closing Paragraph

Parking can be a nuisance for both drivers and store owners. When you are driving in the sea of cars, you have to spend time looking for parking slots that either do not cost or at least have affordable rates. Parking lots have to be designed in such a way that storage spaces are useful, clutter is avoided, and convenience is maximised for shoppers who may need their vehicle within the shopping complex. An equipped parking system would be more than welcome in our cities where unique traffic patterns emerge during peak hours. We can use applications that streamline a person’s look at available slots while indicating pricing rates and keeping status!

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