7 Reasons Why the Car Park Industry Needs fixes

car park industry

It’s no secret that parking can be problematic in many ways, especially for a driver. Sometimes you end up with parking fines with no idea how they were incurred, confusion over-complicated pay machines, or finding yourself unable to locate an available space near your destination. However, those are only some of the most apparent issues we deal with on a daily basis when it comes to the way we choose to park our cars. Moreover, in this write-up, we will take a look at some prominent reasons that tell us why the car park industry needs fixes.

1. Unorganised Parking Consumes Too Much Time

If you add up all the time an average automobile owner spends searching for parking across their entire lifetime, you’ll end up with a figure 1.06 times greater than three months. Those are 1.06 months you could have spent working, spending time with family, or enjoying your downtime doing what you love outdoors. In any given city, if you’re stuck looking for a place to park on the street or in a parking lot, chances are it could take up to 8 minutes per journey, even worse if it happens to be somewhere like London that has more traffic!

2. Burns Money

Everyone knows that parking can be daunting. How often do you check your mirrors before pulling out of the underground garage? Or how about those people who back into spaces so they’ll be able to get further away from the car behind them? In some ways, everyone tries to find a way around their trouble of not finding a parking spot. No matter how much one might try to avoid it, each motorist drives 1/2 mile more every time he looks for parking. That also means that drivers waste fuel and money because now they must pay for the gasoline and for wasting their time. Opportunity cost, another overlooked cost of looking for parking spots, oftentimes results from being late to appointments or events, which could ultimately lead to missing out on all kinds of opportunities because the time wasted looking, driving, etc., never comes back.

3. Causes Traffic Jams

It’s hard to believe, but the fact is that over 30% of traffic in most cities is caused by the motorists looking for a parking space. It’s a huge amount, given that looking for parking takes up the final stretch of getting from Point A to Point B. City centres are more crowded compared to suburbs, so when parking is hard to find, the congestion spreads quickly around the city centre. At its worst, it leaves roads completely blocked off, which is bad news for productivity and frustration due to lost or wasted time spent commuting. Therefore, the car park industry needs to take practical actions to resolve unorganised parking issues, especially in urban areas.

4. Takes Up Our Living Space

Parking a car is a primary and necessary function in modern society, but despite its necessity, it can prove to be quite costly. Some countries and states end up spending more on parking than they do on education, which is not fair to future generations or wise for the community at large. We have plenty of space designated for parking in our towns and cities solely because planners failed to realise that we don’t need that much space; when it’s empty, it becomes wasted territory. Suppose we learned how to manage parking by reducing class sizes or improving educational funding instead of designing unnecessary spaces treated as necessities due to poor planning proposals. In that case, we could reclaim lost territory around our towns and cities to better serve the community for a longer period.

5. Pollutes the Environment

When cars are looking for parking, they burn extra fuel and put out greenhouse gases. It takes more time than regular driving because of the cruising, accelerating, and speeding up that the hunt requires, plus you’re burning more fossil fuels if you have to park farther away than your destination or have to circle looking for a spot. What’s more, when there’s an empty standing parking lot nearby, it doesn’t burn as many fossil fuels; you’re wasting extra gas. So, when motorists enter an unorganised parking space to park their vehicles, they harm the environment.

6. Creates Stress

When drivers find themselves in confined, packed parking areas like university lots or sports stadiums, it can be tricky trying to squeeze into a spot. Getting stuck between other cars or having to back up constantly can cause unnecessary stress, and most drivers find that they’re not able to enjoy the events they’ve travelled to see because they’re too busy trying to find a spot. Event organisers or business owners need to take care of their employees’ interests by offering parking if only to make sure that their employees won’t feel like walking 5 miles just to reach the conference/stadium/ building. Unorganised parking spaces create chaos and make motorists stressed.

7. Dangerous for Motorists

The main problem of finding a parking spot is commonplace. One in four drivers will park on the curb to find a spot because it’s easier than circling blocks looking for street parking. People are going to do what they can to save time and trouble, but as a society, we need to think about how our actions affect others. You don’t want your strategy decisions to nullify your progress toward your vision! When curb-parking happens often enough, other cyclists may start avoiding certain areas altogether, thus hurting cycling culture and history in the process. Likewise, legally parked cars will be ticketed or impounded, leading to higher costs for the driver, even potentially destroying the most valuable model in their collection! Therefore, we have to realise when we are hurting ourselves and others by our actions. Parking vehicles anywhere can be dangerous, so be wary of it.

The Ending Paragraph

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